About Us

A publication made by and for the Western Coptic Diaspora

Since the mid 1900’s, Copts have left their homes in Egypt and have settled all over the world, from Italy, to Australia, to North America. Since then, whole new generations have born and died in these new countries that they call home, sometimes never even setting eyes on Egypt. 

While the Egyptian culture and the Coptic religion is kept alive within these thriving communities, it would be false to assume that a Copt born and raised in New Jersey would have the same exact values, ideas, and experiences as a Copt living in Cairo. And yet, despite our booming population of western-raised Copts, our presence is continuously ignored, unknown, or overlooked.

We started the Coptic Voice for the hundreds of thousands of Copts living in the Western world without a support system or a platform to speak their mind. 

We believe that by providing this platform, we can have a safe place to forge our identity by discussing what it means to be a Coptic Egyptian living in America.

And finally, we believe that by facilitating this discussion, the American Coptic Diaspora can become a forceful presence- both within Egypt as well within America.

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