Coptic Voice is a new organization dedicated to empowering, engaging, and connecting Copts all over the diaspora. In addition to our website, there is so much more we do and even more that is being developed. However, Coptic Voice can’t exist without you. Take a look at some of our initiatives below and consider donating to the Coptic Voice today. 

  • Networking

Coptic Voice is working on connecting like-minded Copts all over the world, from International conferences to Fellowship and internship programs

  • International work

Behind the scenes, we are working on issues such as female genital mutilation, religious freedom, and women’s rights issues around the world. 

  • Podcast

History of the Copts by Jonathan Adly, which explores the history of Egypt from the Romans to the Muslims, specifically looking at the development of the Copts as an ethno-religious group.

  • And More!

Stay tuned, donate, or get involved as Coptic Voice grows and develops new programs and events!

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